Blogs and EJournals Online University Courses

There are hundreds of online education journals, also known as e-journals. They address all aspects of education - both regular and online education. E-journals contain articles by professionals in education or amateurs working in the field.

There are personal online journals, known as "blogs" (web logs), where students can post comments. These blogs are often assigned to online classes to be used as group journals on which all members post information. Uses for Blogs in a University Online Course (Source: Trimarco, R. (2004). "Use of Blogs in Online College Classes.

" B. Hoffman (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Educational Technology.

January 7, 2007, at: Blogs are used for: * Professors to post assignments, class requirements, information, lessons, answer questions from students, and post a weekly topic for students to comment on.

* Professors and students to post articles related to the class and others respond. * Classes to hold discussions about lectures, assigned reading, news, and projects. * Students to post completed assignments and notes and give others feedback. * Students to create writing portfolios.

General Uses For Blogs Personal online journals are also used to create a forum for bloggers on which to post their opinions, review books or other sites, or upload articles. Keep in mind that posting of such sites will allow your work to be copied and used illegally. Unless you paraphrase it and cite the source or quote it and cite the source, it's not acceptable to use others' posted information as your own.

E-Journals Here are some online education sites where you can access lists of journals. In addition to the journals listed here, there are journals for nearly all universities, as well as most majors, such as nursing, technology, business, etc. Full Text Electronic Journals in Education The Communications Among Researchers Group of the American Educational Research Association creates a list of journals that publish research in education.

Find it at: http"// or

html. Education Journals in the Yahoo! Directory Find education journals of all types online via the Yahoo! Directory at:

com/Education/Journals/ Essays in Education publishes documents written about issues in education. The journal also will publish reviews of educational software and books, if they describe the writer's personal experiences using the materials. Essays in Education is located at: T.

H.E. Journal Online: Technology Horizons in Education T.H.E.

Journal Online is the best technology-based education journal. T.H.

E Journal Online contains information, news, and activities related to technology in education. Its sites are: www.thejournal.

com/ or The Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks (JALN) provides a list of online programs that allow students to study on their own schedule and at their own pace. Access it at: www.sloan-c.

org/publications/jaln/ or

Online education journals will help you find information about online education. Consider publishing an article if you have a background in research or education. Using online education e-journals for research or personal education journals for blogging are common practices for students taking online education courses. The resources and tips here will get you started if a professor assigns research or blogging in one of your classes.

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Blogs and EJournals Online University Courses - There are hundreds of online education journals, also known as e-journals.

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