Finding a Good DJ What to Ask When Interviewing DJs

Putting together a party, especially for large group affairs, can be a hassle. Sometimes, you get flustered and think that you'll never get everything you need ready in time for the social event. You have catering to deal with, reserving a location, invitations, and most importantly, the DJ. How do you know what DJ to choose? First of all, you need to know what questions to ask, besides how much the DJ charges.

That is only one aspect of determining who to hire. The first and foremost question should be if the DJ is insured and can provide proof of liability. You don't want to be responsible if something goes wrong with his equipment.

Secondly, you should ask if the DJ is going to be using professional equipment. Though this doesn't mean that he will be talented, it does guarantee that the sound system will be of professional quality and not embarrassing. If using professional equipment, then failure is rare, but the DJ should have back up equipment available at the facility in case of a malfunction. The next considerations are regarding the music in general.

You should be able to discuss the musical selection with the DJ prior to the party, making sure that he or she can provide the song list that you require. Also find out if the DJ is prepared to take requests or not this is something that is greatly appreciated at any event. Also, make sure that the DJ is aware of the type of party you are planning and that he is familiar with the proper procedures and etiquette for this type of party.

Most DJ's also MC the event in question, so you'll want to be sure that the DJ you hire has experience with whatever type of event you are holding. Make sure that the DJ is allowing the proper amount of set up time required. In most cases, the DJ should be completely set up with all equipment ready to function and music waiting when the first guest arrives. Typically, this takes at least an hour.

Review the proper attire for the event and be certain that the DJ is prepared to dress appropriately. Whether the party requires formal wear, is themed, or is even a costume party, the DJ should blend in. Be sure to set up a written contract. You don't want anyone backing out on a "word of mouth" deal. Everything should be documented, including price, services provided, and requested services.

Also, note that prices can vary widely from DJ to DJ, but for a 4-hour event, the average cost runs about $1200. Keep in mind this covers not only the event but all of the planning involved, which can add up to 20 or 30 hours of the DJ's time. If you adhere to these questions, chances are that you'll choose a great DJ who will provide the appropriate entertainment for your event and please your guests. So don't be overly stressed about the matter; relax and enjoy yourself!.

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