How To Find Love Online

The success and growing popularity of online dating has been one of the greatest surprises of the internet. The statistics now becoming available from across the world are really quite staggering. In America according to the latest statistics there are now some 40,000,000 people using online dating services (Online Dating Magazine). This represents 40% of the internet users of America and actually these statistics are already historic.

The statistics across many countries are equally impressive. Who are these online daters? Statistically online daters are of above average intelligence, many having received an education to university degree, or equivalent. There does not seem to be any particular sector, gender, or age group. Statistically these people are from all walks of life and clearly well educated.

It is not so difficult to see why online dating has become so popular Worldwide? It is quite simply so comfortable, so easy. As everyone leads busier and busier lives the opportunities for traditional link ups has declined. Online dating has given many people the opportunity to find their soul mate, or partner from the comfort and convenience of their own home and fit this search into their busy schedules. There are many notable differences between online dating and the traditional pick up in which physical attraction is King and compatibility and suitability a very distant second.

With online dating people are able to narrow their search, determine the characteristics, personality, educational qualifications, life style etc., etc. Equally through photo exchange & web cams they check out physical attraction. Another unique aspect of online dating is that when these people actually meet it is like they already know each other! A professor of Ohio University Andrea Baker, Specialising in sociology, has concluded through her research that a legnthy period of correspondence prior to an actual meeting can, providing the chemistry is right, enable a relationship to rapidly develop to a deeper level. Clearly in many parts of the world today online dating has become the norm rather than the exception. Will these trends continue? Its already a 6 year old prediction, but wired magazine suggested that by the year 2020 online dating will be the norm rather than the exception.

Interestingly one area of the world that is not enjoying such success with online dating is Russia and the Former Soviet Union countries, particularly The Ukraine. Many men the world over have realised that these beautiful ladies are also highly educated and possess an inate sense of style. There could be a variety of reasons for this. Over the years a small minority of people engaged in dishonest practices and this tarnished the reputation of these countries. This built up a level of distrust and suspicion that effectively, deterred many from searching for their love, or partner from these countries.

This is a great pity as the overwhelming majority of the ladies in these countries are both honest and sincere in their search for a partner and these ladies have many qualities to offer any man lucky enough to find one of these ladies. Fortunately a new level of profesionalism can now be found within many of the Dating Agencies operating within these countries and hopefully soon these practises will soon become historic. As the popularity of online dating continues to rise, so also does the level of profesionalism and efficiency offered by many Dating Agencies. There is now a wide choice of International Matchmaking agencies that can help in the process of overcoming language, cultural or political diferences. This can make even easier finding your other half from a foreign land. The opportunities are now available for anyone and everyone to seek love online.

Finding your soulmate has never been so easy, its maybe just a click away.

As internet dating grows in both popularity and acceptence Confidential Matchmakers are pleased to be part of this phenomenon. We are proudly introducing the wonderfull ladies of Russia and The Ukraine to the increasing number of men worldwide that have discovered their attraction. Visit

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