Tuxedo Formal Wear FAQs

Tuxedo formal wear occasions continue to grow and include some of events for wedding tuxedo, prom tuxedo, homecoming tuxedo, prom tuxedo. Tuxedo options are abundant and may include designer tuxedo by Calvin Klein or Fiorelli. First of all you should know that buying a tuxedo is much less than you would expect. You will find the purchase of a tuxedo is equal to that of a rental.

Do the necessary research so you can make an informed decision. With many online vendors for tuxedo formal wear purchase you can find out from the comfort of your home. Does it really matter what style lapel I have on my jacket? Nope. All three lapel styles that we offer are classic, and can be worn to the most exclusive black tie event. They are as appropriate to wear now as they were fifty years ago.

Your lapel style is merely a personal preference. If you are having trouble choosing, keep in mind that the notched lapel is the most popular. Do you have any advice on single breasted jacket or double breasted jacket? A double breasted jacket should be buttoned at all times to look appropriate. Also, if you have a short stocky build, it is not as flattering. A single breasted jacket may be more comfortable because you have the option of leaving it opened.

Other than that, they are both considered classic styles. Should I buy a poly/cotton tuxedo shirt or a 100% cotton tuxedo shirt? The difference is very clear. A 100% cotton shirt looks and feels great.

For not to much more get the fabric that feels the best. We strongly would recommend the 100% cotton shirt. Although for the price the poly/ cotton will do its purpose. Would you recommend winged-tipped collar or laydown collar for my tuxedo formal wear? This is a personal preference. There are no standards in this matter.

Do I really need to wear studs and cufflinks with my tuxedo shirt? You should always wear a pair of studs and cufflinks when you wear a tuxedo. You can find a wide range to choose from and to fit any budget. What is the difference between "adjustable" and "non-adjustable" tuxedo pants? Adjustable trousers allow you to adjust the waist size about 2 inches. The benefit of adjustable is that if you gain or lose weight, you have the option of adjusting the waist yourself.

Many tuxedo packages include adjustable trousers. What is the difference between worsted wool, Super 100s wool, Super 110s wool, and Super 120s wool? The worsted wool tuxedo is the most popular fabric that is sold. Most tuxedos that you see in tuxedo formal wear shops are made of worsted wool. Worsted wool has 60-75 threads per square inch. The Super 100s, Super 110s and Super 120s contain that many threads per square inch, and therefore they are much softer fabrics. A Super 120 wool tuxedo is simply the best quality tuxedo you can buy.

Do I really need to buy the patent leather shoes? Patent leather shoes are inexpensive, and really look the best with a tuxedo. If you absolutely must for financial reasons, you could get away with wearing a good clean pair of black leather shoes. What does "Black Tie" mean when indicated on an invitation? "Black Tie" on an invitation is an indication that it will be a formal event (tuxedo required). Today, however, black tie does not mean that you have to specifically wear a black tie. Many colors and styles are acceptable.

Do you have any advice on taking correct measurements? Taking measurements is not as difficult as you may think. You can view a measurement guide for help. Tuxedo formal wear measurements are no different than that of any other men suit. We suggest that you try on a suit that fits you well, and place your order using those measurements. Just as a guide, there is usually a 6" difference between the average male chest and waist (i.

e. a 42" chest or jacket will usually have a 36" waist). How do I know if I am a Short, Regular, Long, or Extra Long? 5 feet 4inches to 5 feet 7inches = Short 5 feet 7 1/2 inches to 5 feet 11 inches = Regular 5 feet 11 1/2 inches to 6 feet 2 1/2 inches = Long 6 feet 3 inches and up = Extra Long Please note that this is only a guide. For example, quite often a gentleman will be 6 feet tall, and feel more comfortable with a Regular. Always wear what you are most comfortable in.

Do I hem or cuff my trousers? Tuxedo trousers should never be tailored with a cuff; they should always have a straight hem.

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